Top 5 Ideas That Should Be On Every Homeowners To-Do List This Year

Number 5 on our list is Wallpaper! This is an easy way to transform any space and adds a pop of personality into small or un-noticed rooms. The colors and patterns are endless and make every space feel more put-together. Check out some of our favorites form past projects below!

Number 4 on our list is a Fireplace! Whether you are revamping an old fireplace surround or wanting a new one altogether, a fireplace adds the right amount of cozy warmth to the holidays (even if it is still 70 degrees in December!) We recommend a gas fireplace, like Heat N’ Glow for easy install, care and clean-up. Shiplap, built-in’s, exposed brick, marble and reclaimed wood are all great solutions to dressing up a fireplace surround and making it a focal feature in your home.

Number 3 on our list is a Soaking Tub! Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation after the busy holiday season. This is a great investment and brings the spa into your own home- no appointment needed! Ferguson Showrooms in Charleston is a great place to find the perfect shape, size and style for your bathroom- We will help you re-configure your bathroom layout to fit-in your new soaking tub ;).

Number 2 on our list are new Countertops! This is a great way to revitalize your kitchen. With marble always being a front runner, more people are choosing quartz for its durability. Take a stroll through the marble yard at Vitoria International to hand-pick the perfect slab to revamp your kitchen- their options are endless and have the best selections in town!

Number 1 on our list is build your own dream home! With so many options for innovative in-home technology, building a new home can re-organize your life and increase functionality of how you live in your home. You can build something that fits your family’s life-style and your personal design aesthetic. Call us to get your plans started and let our skilled team guide you through to move-in day!