8 of 10 Ways to #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(8) Let There Be Light Fixtures

8 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Overhead lighting is so much more than just ceiling cans. Choose statement pendants and chandeliers to be the design focus of your space. Chandeliers and pendants come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Let us help you put together a complete look by working with our custom lighting vendors and design team.

Swing arm lights are huge right now. They are extremely versatile and find themselves situated in all rooms of the house. They work great to highlight custom built books shelves and they are perfect for bedside reading lamps. We love them in bathrooms as vanity lights as well in kitchens!

Check out our portfolio online for more examples of statement lights.

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7 of 10 Ways to #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(7) Dress Up Your Walls Using Paint & Wallpaper

7 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Dress up your walls with pops of color and fun wallpaper. New paint and wallpaper can refresh any room inside the house and outside the house. Go bold with a vibrant pink door or cool blue cabinets. We love how Sherwin Williams’ Pink Jaipur paint pairs with The Blush Label’s Little Palms wallpaper for this little girls bathroom suite to the right.

Colored cabinets are on  trend and will be showing up in more bold colors. We love the pop of Indigo Batik blue paint in the wetbar to the right and kitchen island below.

Finding the perfect neutral paint color can be challenging. There are endless hues of grey that can change colors in different settings or when paired with different colors. Our tried and true favorites that pair well with any color in any setting are Sherwin Williams’ Light French Grey, Repose Grey and Passive. We also love Farrow & Ball’s blue hued Parma Grey for that traditional Charleston porch ceiling color.

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6 of 10 Ways To #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(6) Rethink Your Kitchen Layout

6 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Because the kitchen is the nucleus of the home and family life, it is no surprise that this design element creates and makes a home. Kitchen design is the leading market in the design and construction industry.  When planning your kitchen, we offer advice on cabinet layout and design in order to create that perfect cooking triangle between the fridge, range and sink. This triangle is essential to the functionality of the space.

Cabinets and countertops are key components to every kitchen. You can never have enough of either. The bigger the countertop, the bigger the workspace. Most often, the kitchen counter doubles as a cooking and living workspace.

Appliances are a major factor in kitchen functionality. Choose appliances that will best fit your lifestyle and your family. Higher end appliances are not only esthetically pleasing but also have multi-function properties that lend the chef, or home chef, a major helping hand. Double wall ovens work great when preparing for a large holiday dinner. Large refrigerators and beverage centers are great additions when it comes to entertaining where meal prep and libations are essential.

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5 of 10 Ways To #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(5) Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

5 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Bathrooms can be transformed into an oasis inside your home. They are a place for you to unwind and relax. We can help you create and design your own oasis. Choose fixtures and finishes that are not only esthetically pleasing but also have superb functionality. Think about water temperature & droplet velocity. We can help you find that perfect balance that fits everyone’s personal preference.

We are seeing more and more floating vanities in recent designs. We love how much air space they have underneath which makes the room appear larger than it is. Floating vanities are great for any bathroom and can be customized to fit any style.

Free standing soaking tubs define bathroom luxury. This style of tub comes in multiple shapes and sizes which is great for pairing it with traditional or modern design styles. There are many options for tub fillers as well; deck mounted, free-standing or wall mounted. Check out the cool, modern, wall-mounted, matte black tub filler in the far right photo. You can’t go wrong with this style tub and who doesn’t love soaking in a bubble bath at the end of the day?

Faucets are another example of how form and functionality come together in a bathroom. Wall-mount faucets add height and purpose and can be installed in drywall, tile, shiplap, marble and custom-made vanities.

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4 of 10 Ways To #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(4) Add Depth & Dimension To Your Home With Texture

4 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Create depth and dimension to your home by adding unique finishes such as reclaimed barnwood. Try it on an accent wall or on vaulted ceilings to really make a design statement. Covering structural elements with a design like this helps integrate them into the design of the space.

Shiplap, board & batten, wainscoting and beadboard are only a few of many design elements that you can incorporate  on your walls to add dimension. Adding wainscoting is a great way to make an office or dining room more formal.

Brick, tile and stone are great for accent walls and add texture in unusual ways. There is something about exposed brick that makes you appreciate the history of your home.

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3 of 10 Ways To #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(3) Trick-or-Treat, Trick Out Your Tile

3 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Tile can make or break a space, but going bold, bright & graphic can revitalize your space. Choosing a bold tile pattern in classic white, black or grey creates a neutral look while still giving you that “wow factor.” Play with shape, pattern and material such as mosaic tile or printed concrete-style tile.

Choose your tile layout with a specific point of view in mind. Floor to ceiling tile creates a dramatic design. Pairing it with a contrasting grout color defines each individual tile.

Don’t be afraid of pattern or color. Choose a statement wall or area for bold tile while keeping the rest of the bathroom neutral. Tile can get expensive but there are many creative ways to stay in budget. Using a fun patterned mosaic in your shower pan & niche is a budget friendly way to create eye-catching design.

Subway tile is one of the most popular and economical choices for bathrooms and backplashes. Because it comes in so many different sizes and styles, it is great for creating striking visuals. Try a 4×16 subway in a herringbone pattern with a light grout to create beautiful wall texture.

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2 of 10 Ways To #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(2) Storage, Storage, Storage! (Need We Say More?!)

2 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Create more storage with custom mudroom and laundry room cubbies and lockers. These are great for children’s school necessities, pet essentials and accessories as well as extreme weather clothing such as boots, coats and umbrellas. This is also an excellent place for beach toys, garden tools, cleaning supplies and extra party reserves.

Make the most out of every nook and cranny your house has to offer. A walk-in pantry is perfect for all of those extra canned goods, mixers and cookie cutters saved especially for making those coveted holiday treats.

Office & living room custom built-in’s are excellent places to display book collections, family pictures and objects d’art. The bonus is that they hide computer and TV wires and boxes.

Converting your attic into a bonus room allows for the eaves to become an easy access storage closet. This is a great place for holiday decorations.


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1 of 10 Ways To #fallinlove With Your Home This Fall

(1) Lighten up your space with natural light by adding window walls.

1 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Breakfast nooks surrounded by windows start your day with a huge dose of vitamin D! They are also a great way to check the weather before you head out for the day.

Full glass doors right off your kitchen provide an excellent vantage point of your patio herb garden.

Vaulted ceilings are a great way to showcase a clerestory window wall. This architectural feature adds design drama and provides 30% more light than regular windows.

Whether it be march views or garden views, window walls provide endless entertainment for birdwatchers and sunset chasers all season long.

Windows in the living room that overlook the yard and have access to the porch are great for doubling your entertaining space.

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September Stirrings- Houses To Hurricanes

School is back in session leaving everyone in a whirlwind of coordinating carpool, scheduling after-school sports activities, ordering school supplies and navigating new curriculums. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Delpino Custom Homes is also in a windstorm of ordering materials, scheduling subcontractors and navigating new projects. We have three major projects forecasted to finish in the next two months and we are gearing up to prepare for their landfall.

Our first house to hit is our newest Park Circle Coastal Cottage located on Justice Street. This light blue new construction cottage is nestled underneath several huge, fern decorated, live oaks. This home’s master suite is a custom design that features a balcony that sits in the canopy of these oaks creating a private sanctuary from your busy schedule. The interior accented grey, white and gold kitchen opens up into the great room and has spectacular views, through the double glass front doors, of the front porch and the live oaks. As this deadline rapidly approaches, there is a flurry of final lighting and plumbing fixtures arriving by mail truck and barge every day! We can’t wait for our new homeowner to see the finished project at the end of this month!


Our second house to hit is our Scott Street luxury addition & renovation on Daniel Island. This project is strengthening by the day as the forecast shows cabinets, countertops and tile getting installed throughout September. A gust of light fixtures has blown into our office this week and we can’t wait to add them to this custom design palette. This scope of this project is our custom Daniel Island upfit that includes a major renovation of the first-floor kitchen, living, dining, office, laundry and master suite as well as an addition of a large screened-in back porch. The kitchen’s navy colored island, gold fixtures and schoolhouse pendants, from Rejuvenation, are major design elements of this project. We hope our clients are blown away by the progress and transformation upon their arrival back in the states in a few weeks. We can’t wait to show them!


Finally, our third house has been brewing for several months and the cone of uncertainty is on track to touchdown mid to late October. This is our “Row House Reno” on Sumter street, located in the Westside neighborhood downtown on the peninsula. Movement on this project has started to get heavy with cabinets & tile getting installed next week. Our design center is preparing for the electrician’s arrival and the painters have stirred excitement in the neighborhood as the exterior transforming colors have been added. Be on the lookout for more sneak peaks of the final design on our social media: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!


On top of our current projects, we have a surge of exciting marketing campaigns floating around the Twittersphere. We hope you have been following our “Lot of the Week” live feeds in search of the perfect lot to build your custom dream home. These short informational videos have a large focus on the pristine & private Captain’s Island but be on the lookout for exclusive information regarding lots in other parts of Charleston that are not on the market yet. We are also excited for our fall editorial feature in Charleston Home + Design’s next issue (Page 158. Look out for our new ad as well!). We know you will love the before & after of this high-end project! Photographer Eliot Tuckerman will be releasing photos from our marsh front project in the next few weeks- did you see our sneak peak of the photoshoot featuring the playful boarder collie Pearl? Last but not least, we have some VERY exciting new projects that are about to hit the radar so stay tuned for more information on these!


With the bustle of projects finishing, school starting, and new projects on the horizon, a hurricane is the last thing we all need to worry about. Unfortunately, we are in the midst of hurricane season and Hurricane Florence looks to be heading toward our coast. We have compiled a list of hurricane preparations that you can do to prepare your self and your home for this season’s storms. Stay safe!

Hurricane Prep:

-Check into flood insurance.

-Develop an emergency communication plan with your friends and family. Teach family members how and when to turn off gas, electricity and water. Teach children how and when to call 9-1-1, police, or the fire department, and which radio station to listen to for emergency information.

-Create an emergency supplies list. This should include food, medicine, 1st aid kits, flashlights, batteries, multi-functional tools, tape, writing supplies, local maps, clothes, bedding and bathroom items etc.

– Store a three-day supply, or more, of water for your family. One gallon per person per day is recommended for drinking, cooking and washing. Remember to include water for pets.

-Clear dead limbs off trees and clear loose debris around your property. Bring in outdoor objects such as lawn furniture, toys and garden tools; anchor objects that cannot be brought inside.

– Examine the roof from the attic. If many of the nails have missed the rafters, you may need to re-nail the sheathing. Are end gables securely fastened to the rest of the roof? Is the roof fastened to the walls with hurricane straps?

– Are double entry doors secured at the top and bottom? The exterior walls, doors and windows are the protective shell of your home. If the shell is broken during a storm, high winds can enter the home and put pressure on the roof and walls, causing serious damage. For each double door, at least one of the doors should be secured at both the top of the door frame and the floor with sturdy sliding bolts. Most bolts that come with double http://www.charlestoncounty.org doors, however, are not strong enough to withstand high winds. Your local hardware store can help you select the proper bolts. Some door manufacturers provide reinforcing bolt kits made specifically for their doors.

– Has the garage door been properly secured?

– Are windows protected by storm shutters? Installing storm shutters is one of the most effective ways to protect your home. Purchase or make shutters for all exposed windows, French doors, sliding glass doors and skylights. There are many types of manufactured storm shutters available made of wood, aluminum or steel. You can also make storm shutters with 5/8-inch-thick, exterior-grade plywood.

– Is the main electric panel board located above potential flood waters? The main electric panel board (electric fuses or circuit breakers) should be at least 12 inches above the projected flood elevation for your home. Are electric outlets and switches located above potential flood waters? Are the washer, dryer, furnace and water heater above potential flood waters?

–  Make sure the gas tank in your car is full.

– Anchor or stow small boats.

– Visit www.charlestoncounty.org 2018 hurricane guide for more detailed information and evacuation routes.


Down Town Demo


Demo has begun on our newest rehab project! If you tuned into PBS’s This Old House Charleston, or flipped through Charleston Home + Design’s Spring 2018 issue (Find us on pages 41, 145 & 200!), you are going to love our newest project. Located in the up & coming Westside neighborhood, in the heart of the peninsula and walking distance to trendy new upper King Street restaurants such as Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop, Little Jack’s Tavern,  Pancito & Lefty and Renzo this Charleston single will be getting a much-needed make-over. Built in 1910, this house is considered a category 4 structure by the city and it maintains the historic integrity of the neighborhood. Part of the renovation process will be to restore the original architectural features of this old house while also modernizing the livability of the home.

We will be taking it down to the studs, re-arranging and opening up the interior floor plan and adding on a 2nd floor master suite. We have uncovered the original brick chimney which will be the prominent feature in the downstairs study as well as the upstairs guest room. The upstairs bedrooms will have access to the 2nd floor piazza while the master suite will have its own private balcony overlooking the reclaimed brick courtyard. This house will be getting all new electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems to make it comfortable for modern living. We are working on the design scheme for the kitchen & bathrooms and can’t wait to showcase them later this summer. You can find our inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram for this house.

The surrounding neighborhood has seen a large amount of revitalization in the last few years with restorations, renovations and trendy new restaurants opening up. SNOS (Slightly North Of Septima), or Uptown, is on track to become the new Cannonborough-Elliottborough and encompasses Westside, Northside, Hampton Park and Waggoner Terrace neighborhoods. This area is a mix of residential homes, boutique restaurants and small businesses but has a little more breathing room & more parking than the rest of downtown. This area is in a great centralized location on the peninsula where it sits 2 miles north of SNOB and 7 miles south of SNOP (Slightly North of the Peninsula- a.k.a. Park Circle). The Sumter house sits on an expansive lot in the Westside neighborhood and has plenty of room for a courtyard garden… and possibly a lap pool?

Follow along our Instagram and Facebook stories for updates on this house. Contact us if you are interested in living downtown in this prime location!




Happy 4th of July!


We are excited to have two new Park Circle homeowners settled into their new houses on Orr Street & Marigold Street just in time to celebrate Independence Day! Both of these houses have great outdoor spaces to entertain family & friends this holiday. Orr Street’s double French doors expands the kitchen into the large screened-in back porch. This is perfect for a 4th of July feast with family. Marigold Street’s large wrap around porch and expansive corner lot yard is great for fun, games & grilling out. Check out the rest of these houses in our Coastal Cottage portfolio.


Speaking of great outdoor spaces, check out the latest Charleston Home & Design Magazine’s Summer 2018 issue. This issue features numerous outdoor spaces including our family friendly elevated porch on page 170 (Also check out our newest Ad on page 50 & our 5-page spread “Fit For A Family” featuring our Luxury Custom Home on pages 86-90!) Our luxury custom home porch overlooks the large back yard and has pristine views of the tranquil maritime forest. It is a great space for the kids to run around enjoying sparklers, fireworks and corn-hole while we grill out a large 4th of July summer feast. Below are links to a few of our favorite 4th of July low-country recipes and we hope you will enjoy them too!


Head down to your local farmers market to see what’s fresh and in season- here is a guide to the South Carolina produce calendar. Some of our favorite produce in season right now are okra, tomatoes, peaches and, of course, watermelon. Along with the obligatory hamburgers and hot dogs (always a big hit!), we love the char on grilled okra, refreshing watermelon and a sweet peach treat.


Grilled okra is super simple to put together and makes for a great bite-sized appetizer.

Fresh watermelon and tomato salad is great to cool you off on a hot summer day. Adding some mint and feta to this salad is a must!

An alternative to hamburgers & hotdogs, this Carolina-Style Barbecue Chicken is also a crowd pleaser. A spoonful of local peach jam would be great on this!

Who can resist peaches and ice cream? We found this copycat Chick-fil-a peach milkshake recipe– everyone will love it! Also, here is a great boozy peach float for the adults!

Here is what to do with all of that left-over watermelon- watermelon granita! This is super refreshing, super easy to make and will save in your freezer for more hot summer days.

Whether you will be at the beach, in your back yard or relaxing on your porch, there are plenty of fun activities to do and plenty of good food to eat. We hope you enjoy your 4th of July!



Around The Circle



        Park Circle has made a huge comeback in the past few years with restorations, renovations and trendy new restaurants and breweries opening up. We have been building & renovating houses in the area for several years & could not be more excited to see the transformation in the community. Check out these articles “From Space Boots to Food Stalls” and “Slightly North of the Peninsula” from CHS Today to see the history, transformation & hot new restaurants in Park Circle!


        “From Space Boots to Food Stalls” goes into the history and transformation of Garco Mill. The mill was the primary employer in the area and established neighborhoods throughout North Charleston for mill workers and their families. We have spent several years renovating these mill houses & modeling our Coastal Cottages to keep in line with the original style of this area while updating the plans for more modern living. The article boasts some cool facts linking the mill to the Apollo 11 moon mission as well as notes the redevelopment of the mill. The Park Circle mill will see a mix of restaurants, grocery & food stall options, office space as well as a green space that will be comparable to Workshop.

        “Slightly North of the Peninsula” is a food, beverage and entertainment guide to North Charleston and takes you on an hour-by-hour tour of the area starting with breakfast at Evo Bakery (shout-out and check out the marsh front house we built for Evo’s chef & co-owner!). The article lists several cool new restaurants and breweries in the areas as well as noting various parks and green spaces which have great running trails. We’ve known this area had great potential & are excited to see families and businesses take root here.

Park Circle

        Come take a ride around Park Circle and you will see the many projects we are involved in throughout this community. As you round the circle towards Ashby, you will see our team installing a wheelchair ramp for a close friend of the North Charleston Building Department. We are honored to be asked to be a part of this team.


        A few streets off the circle you will find us finishing up our last Orr Street coastal cottage house. This Orr Street house will feature an open concept kitchen with white quartz countertops, Haze grey cabinets, grey handmade subway backsplash tile and stainless-steel appliances. Double French doors expands the kitchen into the screened-in back porch. We can’t wait for our homeowner to move in and enjoy the breezes!

        Around the corner from Orr, you will find us finishing up our 2nd Marigold Street House. This house will have a wrap-around porch and a large 2nd floor loft. This house will have a refreshing white, grey & green color scheme throughout the house as well as a built-in surround sound speaker system.

        A few streets over you will see the foundation starting to shape our two newest Park Circle houses that are currently on the market, 1115 Justice & 1113 Justice! These homes will feature open floor plans with 9’ ceilings that incorporates a smooth transition from the open concept living room and dining room to the oversized kitchen.  In the kitchen you will find all of the elements that will make these homes stand out including an oversized island for entertaining, granite countertops, shaker style cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a tile backsplash.  In addition, the first floors will have a choice of 3 styles of sand and finish hardwood floors to compliment the high-end kitchen finishes. The kitchens will also feature a stainless-steel range hood with a built-in microwave option and optional pendant lighting at the island.  The master retreat features a fully tiled bathroom including the floor and walk-in shower with glass door, dual vanities with cultured marble counter tops, and walk-in closet. Other interior and exterior finishes include hardwood floors on the first floor, cement plank exterior siding, custom paint colors, upgraded lighting options, trim package, Energy efficient natural gas tankless hot water heater, Low E windows, recessed lighting and much more. For more information, contact us directly!