Catch Us Around Town This Fall!

Be on the lookout for our team around town this fall! With several projects finishing up & several projects just starting, you will see us in multiple locations around Charleston.

Expect to see us on Daniel Island as three new site signs hit the ground. We are just as excited as these new homeowners and can’t wait to document their building process phase-by-phase.

You will also find us in the middle of a custom home project in Park Circle for another amazing client. The siding & drywall are going up this week and we are eagerly awaiting the pool foundation to begin. Tucked right up on the marsh, this home’s location can’t be beat!

Just around the corner, in Park Circle, we have two of our coastal cottage homes beginning to take shape. Check out MLS for more details on the availability of these homes.

Further down on the peninsula, close to Hampton Park & Lowndes Grove, we are in the middle of a renovation project. We gutted the kitchen & bathrooms, opened up a wall and will be refinishing all of the floors. We can’t wait to see how this home comes back to life once we are finished with this project!

Four of our homes for the Metanoia Foundation are coming to a close and we are excited to see these homes loved and lived-in by families in the Chicora-Cherokee community! As part of their Homeowner Initiative, we are helping the foundation establish quality housing in the area. We worked with local subcontractors with-in the Chicora-Cherokee community to help generate economic development in the area. Part of Metanoia’s core approach is creating opportunities and providing resources so the neighborhood residents can become their own stewardships of the community. We will close out this project by helping the foundation orchestrate a Day of Caring event on November 15th, where neighbors and local businesses will be involved in the landscaping around these houses. Feel free to join in and check out more events around town with United Way’s Day of Caring!

We have even more projects in the works and will release those as soon as we have plans finalized. This is going to be an exciting year with exciting projects! Catch us around town this fall AND catch us on Live5News’ Charleston Home Showcase for the next few Saturdays at 7:30pm EST after the football games!