(6) Rethink Your Kitchen Layout

6 of 10 Ways Fall 2018

Because the kitchen is the nucleus of the home and family life, it is no surprise that this design element creates and makes a home. Kitchen design is the leading market in the design and construction industry.  When planning your kitchen, we offer advice on cabinet layout and design in order to create that perfect cooking triangle between the fridge, range and sink. This triangle is essential to the functionality of the space.

Cabinets and countertops are key components to every kitchen. You can never have enough of either. The bigger the countertop, the bigger the workspace. Most often, the kitchen counter doubles as a cooking and living workspace.

Appliances are a major factor in kitchen functionality. Choose appliances that will best fit your lifestyle and your family. Higher end appliances are not only esthetically pleasing but also have multi-function properties that lend the chef, or home chef, a major helping hand. Double wall ovens work great when preparing for a large holiday dinner. Large refrigerators and beverage centers are great additions when it comes to entertaining where meal prep and libations are essential.

Follow along for all 10 tips on how to #fallinlove with your home again! Contact us to start planning delpinocustomhomes@gmail.com.

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